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Beware of Energy Vampires!

Surround yourself with health conscious and positive people.  Did you ever notice that when you’re around a negative person, you become negative yourself?  We all have that friend – you know the one I’m talking about – the energy vampire.  They suck all the positive power out of us with their dark, hopeless and negative perspective on life.

Don’t misunderstand me here regarding the energy vampire.  I completely understand that for some people what we are describing here is clinical depression and this is NOT what I speak of here.  I am talking about people that just would rather talk about the ‘buts’ rather than the ‘ands’.  Let me explain.  You say to the vampire that the weather has been warm and balmy all day.  The vampire responds that yes it has been warm but it was too hot and it made them feel sick.  To every positive or even neutral remark there is a negative response.  It can be absolutely draining and for most of us we will generally try to reroute the vampire by gently cajoling them into a happier state of mind.  Over time it becomes extremely tiresome, and in some cases it is just easier to agree with them.

The problem is that sometimes if you are feeling less than wonderful perhaps due to your weight and/or fitness regime, you may unknowingly fall prey to the vampire’s realm of negativity.  When you tell the energy vampire that you don’t want to order French fries with your meal because they are fattening, you are told by her that yes they are fattening but what difference does it make anyways?  What’s a couple extra French fries going to do?  The same is true of activity.  When you invite the vampire for a walk the response will probably be that it’s way too cold to walk outside.  If you are feeling less than great about your current fitness status, you may be tempted to just agree and then settle on the couch for an afternoon of T.V. watching and chip munching.

So how do we turn this around?  It isn’t easy and some people just really don’t want to be helped.  Why should you have to sacrifice your health and spirit just because your friend has done so?  Just as alcoholics seek out other alcoholics, negative people seek out negative people.  If the person isn’t negative when they start the relationship, they soon become negative just by way of association.  Misery loves company.

Positive thoughts beget positive results.  Envision yourself healthy and fit and then implement concrete methods to get you there.  When you become discouraged, focus on the good things you have done and what tomorrow will look like.  If you mess up, move ahead and try not to spend any energy on feeling negative.

What would it look like to turn your friend into a positive, life-loving, fit and happy person that refuses to entertain negative thoughts?  Negativity can creep into our lives for many reasons, and many of them are very justified.  But what does it accomplish? 

If you have this friend, tell them you want to start a fitness program and you would like them to be your partner.  They will object but you will persevere.  Instead of going out for dinner, invite your friend for a homemade meal that you can make healthy.  Tell your friend you can’t go to the movies with her but you have time for a brisk hike at lunch.

There are so many ways that you can start to channel healthy and positive energy to yourself and your energy vampire friend.  Just re-think your usual social activities.  Replace unhealthy environments and functions with fitness based ones.  Just like you have to distract a toddler that is focused on a dangerous item, sometimes you have to distract an energy vampire just long enough for them to see that happy and healthy can be good.  There are no ‘buts’ about it!

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