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Personal Training

Personal Training at Gravity Fitness Centre 

Personal Training is not just reserved for movie stars and moguls.  We’re all busy and we all want to make the most of our time.  Whether you are starting off, recovering from an injury or want to shed some unwanted pounds, a personal trainer can help you reach your goals quickly, effectively and safely.

Let a trainer design a program that has a purpose based on YOUR goals, abilities, time and preferences. Personal training will give you the guidance and support you need to stay successful for the long term.

We have a variety of options for your schedule and pocketbook! You can purchase packages of 45 to 55 minute sessions. Payment plans are available!

Book your complimentary consultation with one of our Certified Personal Trainers today. Your health and success is within your reach!

Fill out this form to book your complimentary personal training consultation and our personal training coordinator will contact you within 24 hours.


Jenny Rattee


People would describe me as...​

Training style...​

I am happiest when...​

Chris Allan


  • B. Education
  • BCRPA Certified P.T.
  • CSCS Strength and Conditioning Coach

People would describe me as...​ Not what they expected

Training style...​ Sport and Rehabilitation Conditioning Specialist

I am happiest when...​ spending time on the water with my family

Mallalea Orban


  • CFES Certified Personal Trainer
  • Fitness Theory
  • Certified Weight Trainer
  • 30 years experience as a Rehabilitation Specialist 

People would describe me as...​ social, loves to laugh, and loves people

Training style...​ Educating people with the proper skill set to accomplish the goals they set in motion and with those skills we gain confidence and healthy mindsets.

I am happiest when...​ outdoors, on mountain hikes, working out, and decor shopping

J-Me Hannay


  • M Kin.
  • Russian Kettlebell Specialist
  • CrossFit Coach

People would describe me as...​ Fun, hardcore, tough, expects excellence, and high-energy

Training style...​ CrossFit, Powerlifting, Body-building, Olympic Weightlifting, Russian Kettlebell, Plyometrics

I am happiest when...​ competing in figure