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There is no magic pill to lasting weight loss!

Recently, I was chatting with another personal trainer about past weight loss trends, and how easily people were led to believe they could get amazing results, in no time, with no work, and it was ‘guaranteed’. We were remembering (and perhaps this ages us a bit), the vibrating belts worn around the waist that jiggled away those unwanted pounds effortlessly. I remember my mom plugging a pair of inflatable pants into her vacuum and wearing them for hours, while they magically shrunk away the stubborn belly and thigh fat. I think they were called ‘Sauna Pants”. They were beautiful. The vision haunts me to this day.

A decision to make healthy changes in your life is a big commitment and once it has been made, we want to see results quickly. Many clients/members relate feelings of impatience at not seeing faster weight loss. After two weeks, we expect 20 pounds of weight loss and an entirely new body. Unfortunately, there is no “Easy” button for weight loss either.

I blame a lot of our false and/or unrealistic expectations on the media/advertisers that tell us that we can lose weight in ‘record time’ with minimal effort, and in many cases without exercise or healthy nutrition. The answer, according to some of these products is just to take a simple pill, and voila, off comes the fat. The truth of the matter is that it probably took more than two weeks to put on the extra weight you may now be carrying. Be fair to your body and let it do what it is capable of doing, if you treat it properly!

We would all love to be able to take a magic pill and fix our weight issues. If it was that easy, everyone would do it and not a single person would be overweight! Look around us! Quite the opposite is true – obesity, morbid obesity, is increasing at an epidemic rate, and not just in our adults, even more alarmingly, in our children and teens. Don’t be sucked in to the media’s promises of the quick fix, the pills and potions that will take off weight effortlessly. The truth is, you probably had a good time putting on the weight, and some good, old-fashioned, hard work, in the way of exercise and nutrition is the only real, lasting ‘fix’. You did the crime, you are going to have to do the time.

If you have recently started a fitness program, give it a chance! Will it be harder than taking a diet pill? Yes, it will be. The good news is that it probably won’t be as bad as you might think. With a little perseverance, some written plans, and some patience, you can slowly, but surely, experience lasting weight loss. Remember the saying, if it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is? Nothing could be truer when it comes to weight loss quick fix promises.  Please do the right thing, and step away from the inflatable weight loss pants. Your children, and in fact all of society, thank you. See you at the gym!

Nina Heyes


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